Our Spring Auction Is Live!

Good evening guys! 🐾

Our first lots of our spring auction are live now!!

Find them here In our Auction Room.


Thank you 😊

As always, we donate all of the money raised towards giving vital funding to urgent, palliative and general vet bills towards dogs worldwide.

We cannot continue to do this without your help.

New MM Newsletter Needs A Model

DOES YOUR DOGGIE HAVE STAR QUALITY?? DO THEY WANT TO BE OUR COVER MODEL??? HAVE YOU A GOOD PIC OF THEM IN THE SNOW? … if so.. enter them in our competition below for our brand new newsletter that will be launched in December and will be available to buy from our website!!!😁😁😁

Only £1 per entry!

Deadline 1st of November 2018

Results 4th of November 2018

Send photos marked NEWSLETTER to: competitions@malamutematters.co.uk

Send payments to: payments@malamutematters.co.uk

Amendments to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 – Valid from 1st October 2018

If your dog simply has an accidental mating and you sell any puppies this applies to you

Here’s the full Amendments to the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT 2006 incase anyone needed it all 🙈😁

From 1st OCTOBER 2018 onwards, anyone who breeds and sells three or more litters within any twelve-month period (Changed from 5 litters in some areas) –


anyone who breeds and sells dogs for commercial gain is classed as a business, and needs a license.

The changes to the law mean that a lot of dog breeders and people who may breed puppies to sell for commercial gain will now be classed as being in the business of breeding;

if they MAKE or INTEND to make a profit AND/OR

breed and sell three or more litters per year.

The first bullet point is the most important. If you breed just one litter and it makes a profit, and lets face it, most litters do. You will need a license. Even if it’s your “pet” or you see yourself as a “hobby breeder” if you make or intend to make a profit you will need a license. The only way to avoid it would to be keep a record of costs that showed you broke even and therefore made no profit. And even then, the accusation could be levied that you “intended” to make a profit and therefore the fact that you didn’t was unfortunate but not a bar to needing a license.

If you are unsure if you need a license, then contact your local authority licensing department to find out more, get a clear answer on whether or not you are deemed as being in business, and to learn about the licensing criteria and how to get the licence that you need. To find your local council’s website and contact details, you can use this useful “Find your local council” page.


If you plan to advertise online (such as Facebook for example) you will be bound by the law that is the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

This means you will need to include in your advert the following:

* Your Licence number

* Name of the local authority that issued you with the licence.

* A clear, recognisable photo of the specific dog you are selling.

* The age of the dog offered for sale.

* The dog’s country of origin and country of residence, which will generally (but not always) be the UK.

Any dog you keep or sell must have a record kept of it, a list of what you must keep in your record keeping is covered in the legislation.

Dog Matters Newsletter

We are going to re launch Dog Matters as a Newsletter.

We will be wanting people to contribute and we will be looking for some voulenteers to write articles, crosswords, Jokes, etc…., All about Dogs 😁

We are going to Launch the first issue on the 3 rd December in time for Christmas.

There will be a few competitions to go into the Newsletter.

The First one will be a Poem Competition and the second one a front cover photo Competition

So look out for these and Join in to help raise funds for the Charity. ❤️🐾

Please, we need sponsors for our charity calendar, can you help?

do you have a business? Can your employers help?

Hi there,

I am the founder of Malamute Matters, a UK based Fundraising Charity (Reg Charity No 1158157) We are run entirely by volunteers and help rescue dogs, both in the UK and abroad, predominately concentrating on extreme abuse cases.

We produce our own calendar and this year will be producing two types, both dog themes, a large a calendar and slimline version. We look for sponsorships for our calendars in exchange for advertising, which helps the profits from the sale of the calendars to completely go to help dogs, rather than printing costs.

The sponsorship options are:

Gold package £100 – gets you a advert in the calendar on a month page, advert on the back page and logo and website listed on our website.

Silver £75 – as above except advert on a month spread.

Bronze £50 – logo and website on address only.

Is any of this something we can work together on?

Please pm me if you are interested.

Thank you

Dawn Fido

Founder Malamute Matters


Meat trade survivor Tuan Tuan needs a home…experienced owners only please !

Tuan Tuan is around 18 months old

Tuan Tuan wriggles and cuddles her way into your heart in record time. She really would make her new parents very proud and happy. She is amazingly intelligent and very very eager to please, food motivated and such a sweetheart.

She is dog reactive so will need someone committed to work with her on this, but as she is so clever and eager to please, work with her on this and you will be rewarded with a girl who just gives and gives.

She’s clean in the house, sleeps through the night and can be left for short periods during the day without causing destruction, she will just lie down and go to sleep.

She would love a home where she can get out and about, try her hiking, canny cross or have a go with a sled dog rig or scooter – she would love to work and can pull a little on her lead at first, but we’re working on this as with a few other commands that will help when out and about, she picks things up so quickly.

She’s not keen on other dogs, probably her history and for this reason we want a home on her own

As she’s a typical Malamute she must not be allowed off lead unless in a secure environment, Malamute’s have a big prey drive and she definitely has this trait. She would also not do well with cats, for this reason.

Apply to Rushton Dog Rescue

Tuan, saved from the dog meat trade, needs your help – A plea from her foster mum, Dawn Fido

Tuan the doggie saved from the meat trade in China needs us.

Tuan needs your help!

We need your help!

Her rescue need your help

And a whole load of prayers please.

We’re begging 😞

I think I now know the reason Ziva sent Tuan to me. I’m supposed to be here for her through this, whatever this is. Tuan has a mammory tumour/mass, and is having the whole gland removed on Thursday, then sent off to find out what it is – (please please please NOT cancer! Please).

The surgery is around £650 including X-rays to see if what it is has spread, and sending the lump off to histology.

This is obviously a unexpected cost and worry to her rescue and we’ve pledged that we will help as much as we can.

Tuan is a lovely, beautiful girl…., and she needs us. Please help if you can, donate to payments@malamutematters.co.uk ref: Tuan – every £1 helps – and don’t forget to pray, cross your paws or send her love x

Please be ok beautiful – your foster mummy loves you very much x