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Firstly, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to join us here in what we hope will be the start of many entertaining, insightful and education blogs from Malamute Matters. The topics will be varied but ones I’m sure you will find very informative. We have managed to enlist the help of many qualified experts who guest host these blogs, from qualified dog behaviourists to an Arctic explorer.

We are very proud to announce our very first guest blogger is none other than Mr Ian Luke Author of “Frozen Below”  and experienced  Alaskan Malamute owner. So without further adieu…It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Mr Ian Luke !



So how good is this website, right? And I have no doubt that over time, it’s going to get better and better.

Isn’t it great that we have such dedicated people helping rescue, helping our wonderful furkids find new homes?

Let’s face it, it IS great. But wouldn’t be even BETTER if we didn’t need rescue? Now how good would THAT be???

So why is it that we do need rescue?

I’ve heard lots of arguments about how it’s not the breeders fault- it’s the owners. I’ve heard lots of arguments that say it’s the fault of breeders.

It’s all finger pointing. At the end of the day, it’s about personal responsibility. Yes, sometimes shit just happens, beyond our control, and those who depend on us suffer the consequences. But the VAST majority of circumstances evolve through a complete lack of thought from individuals: adults, people who vote on who should run the country, people who work providing goods and services to the wider community, people who one way or another have an impact on our society, sticking thir heads up their butts and refusing to meet their responsibilities.

Not all breeders are the same. Some of us actually do care where our pups end up. We  ask a heap of questions: we refuse more potential buyers than we agree to sell to; we follow up and stay in touch; we require our puppy buyers to sign contracts which specify  our pups are to be desexed; we want to know that the new home our pups are going to can afford to care for them, house them, vet care, will not treat our dogs as garden ornaments, will provide training and correct discipline, and will socialise and train them. Most of all, we demand that if “shit happens”, WE are their first port of call- we brought these dogs into the world, they are our responsibility until they leave it. If you’re buying a pup from a breeder who does not have that attitude, who has not tested their breeding dogs extensively for health and temperament issues, or who does nothing with their dogs then YOU are part of the problem. As much a part as that breeder.

As a buyer, we take on responsibility for the life entrusted to us. If you don’t understand that the life you hold in your hands comes with an expectancy, with needs and behaviours and instincts, or you don’t think you can commit to that life expectancy, provide for those needs, budget for all that comes with it, do not accept responsibility for it.

If you’ve got a reason for getting rid of your dog, we’ve already heard it. The excuses we hear are repetitive and show a lack of thought- a lack of thought about the dog. We live in a disposable society, where personal responsibility is not high on our politically correct agendas.   If it’s broken, throw it out and buy a new one. News flash folks, dogs aren’t white goods. They aren’t disposable. They are living, breathing beings for whom we as owners have assumed responsibility. They aren’t money making tools, they aren’t an animal you can farm. They are companion animals. In return for feeding, walking and generally caring for them, they provide unconditional love. How many times do we read in the newspapers or on line articles about the physical and mental health benefits of owning a companion animal? And frankly, they are good for the soul.

Moving house to somewhere that doesn’t allow you to keep dogs?

Hey buddy, YOU HAVE DOGS! Find somewhere else.

Your dog misbehaves and “can not be trained”? That’s because you need help from a dog trainer, so GET IT!

Your dog digs/barks/escapes? It’s bored- stop ignoring it.

You have a kid now and don’t have time for the dog? Is that going to be your approach to kid number 1 when kid number 2 comes along?

The list goes on and on. So my politically incorrect point is this- if you have a problem dog, it’s because your dog has a problem owner.

You’re not a problem owner, are you?


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