Daily Doggie Tips

Daily Dog Tips


Welcome to Malamute Matters ‘Daily Doggie Tips’. Each day there will be helpful tips and hints about all things dog. As the UK is in a heat wave, we thought that our first doggie tip should be on how to keep your dog cool. Please remember that the Daily Doggie Tips are not written by a Vet , and should NEVER replace professional Veterinary advice and treatment. If you are worried about your dog, always seek the help of your vet.


Daily Doggie Tip #1

How to keep your dog cool: Never walk between 9am and 6pm on a very hot day, early morning and late evening are the coolest times for your dog. If you can’t comfortably wear a jumper when walking then it’s too hot for dog in its fur coat. Take your shoes off and stand on the pavement, if you can’t bear it for more than 30 secs, it will be far too hot for your dog’s paws.  It’s better for them to stay at home than be walked when it’s so hot.

Although you may be tempted, unless it’s for genuine medical reasons do not shave your double coated dog. A well groomed double coat on your dog will help it to stay cool as it insulates them from the sun, and stops them burning and getting heat stroke as fast. Make sure if you have a white coated dog, or dog with large thin ears, put some doggy sunscreen on their ears and nose to prevent burning.

Use damp towels or blankets for your dog to lay on, freeze fish, carrots, banana’s to make nice cold treats for your best friend. Ensure they have plenty of fresh cool water and shade. Use floor fans to keep air moving. Fill a paddling pool, to allow you and your dog to have fun and cool down together.

NEVER EVER leave your dog in a car on a warm or hot day. Even on a seemingly cooler, cloudy day your car will become an oven very quickly. Leaving the car in shade and the windows open will not stop your dog from overheating. Dogs can only sweat through their mouth and paws and cannot cool fast enough. They will die a very painful death being left in a hot car. If you cannot take your dog where you are going, leave it at home. In this heat only 5 mins in a car can cause life threatening heat stroke. If you see a dog in distress in a car, dial 999 and the RSPCA.

Should you suspect your dog has heatstroke, never immerse into cold water, allow them to drink too much or give ice cubes as you will shock the body. Instead move to a cool place, cover in damp towels and seek URGENT veterinarian attention.

Lastly, enjoy the sunshine with your dogs, it’s a rarity here now  J


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