Daily Doggie Tip #17


Here at Malamute Matters, we are trying to raise money and awareness of Canine Epilepsy, with the sale of our ‘It’s a Mootiful World’ range. This is to support the Animal Health Trust (http://www.aht.org.uk/ ) in their research into this neurological disorder.

Canine Epilepsy is a serious and frightening condition for both dogs and owners. Seeing your dog fit for the first time is terrifying. Sometimes, for reasons that cannot always be explained, a dog will have a seizure then never have another one, others then go on to have more and more regular seizure activity. Epilepsy can be simply defined as the tendency to have recurrent seizures and the term ‘Idiopathic Epilepsy’ means that no underlying cause for the seizures can be identified. Epilepsy is the most prevalent canine neurological disorder. Many different breeds suffer from epilepsy although the age of onset and the type and pattern of seizures can differ between breeds. Diagnosis can be a lengthy process. There is no cure, but with the right treatment and support it can be managed.

I have attached a link which explains Canine epilepsy in detail:


I am also including the link to Blu’s tale. Blu was abandoned due to his epilepsy, but was rescued and placed in the most loving home. After some terrifying clusters of fits at Easter, Blu had an MRI and was cleared to take part in a new trial run by the Royal Veterinary College in the UK

You can follow Blu’s Tale at : https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/BlusTale


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