Daily Doggie Tip #18


Oral health is just as important for your dog as it is for you. You should get your dog used to having his teeth checked, so that any potential problems can be picked up. Regularly cleaned, your dog should have happy healthy teeth and fresh breath. Bad breath, facial abscesses, heavily plaque ridden teeth and bright red and sore gums are all signs that your dog has dental problems. Constant pawing of the mouth, drooling, going off of food and generally acting as if in pain can all be signs that your dog has a sore mouth. Regular vet checks should include a look at the teeth, and some vets run dental weeks so that you can have your dog’s teeth checked for free. Should you suspect that your dog has teeth or gum problems then you should consult a vet immediately.

There are many chews on the market that claim to be teeth cleaners, and a good bone (raw only, never cooked as they splinter) also help to keep teeth clean. Carrots given raw as part of the diet also helps. You can also use a doggie tooth brush and tooth paste and clean them 2-3 times per week. Never use a human tooth paste on your dog, as it contains many ingredients that are harmful to dogs. If you need any advice on your dog’s teeth or how best to keep them clean, talk to your vet.

I have attached some helpful links:

How to clean teeth :


Dental care :


How to check teeth :


Anatomy of your dog’s mouth:



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