Daily Doggie Tip # 23

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil is another great oil to add to your dog’s food as a supplement. Cod Liver Oil is as the name suggest, extracted from the liver of cod. It is used in human medicine, as not only is it a rich source of the essential fatty acids; it is also naturally high in Vitamins A and D (unlike many of the other fish oils). However, this means that when giving your dog cod liver oil, ensure that you only give the correct dose as high amounts may cause toxicity.

This is because vitamins A and D are fat soluble vitamins and can be stored in the liver of the dog. They are not water soluble and can’t be excreted in the urine if given in excess. Therefore these vitamins can stay in the dogs’ liver and can cause toxicity in large amounts.

However, Cod Liver Oil is still an excellent supplement for your dog used correctly. Do not be scared to use this fantastic oil, just ensure that you know the correct amount to give your dog. The best way to buy it is in capsules/bottle made for the pet market. By doing this, there will be clear instructions marked on the bottle as to the correct dose per weight of the dog. Many people buy cod liver oil capsules that are made for humans, and that is fine too. But it is strongly recommended that if you choose to do this, talk to your vet first to ensure that you are giving a dose that is right for your dog.

Cod Liver Oil is great for the skin and coat of your dog, as it contains high doses of the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids are also beneficial to ageing and arthritic dogs. It is also very good for your dog’s bones and eye health due to its naturally occurring vitamins.

As with any new supplements, if you are unsure about giving it, or of the dosage, or your dog is taking prescription medication, then please consult your vet first. Please remember that the Daily Doggie Tips are not written by a Vet , and should NEVER replace professional Veterinary advice and treatment. If you are worried about your dog, always seek the help of your vet.


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