Daily Doggie Tip #24

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is another great oil that you can give to your dogs. It is packed full of essential fatty acids and is especially high in GLA and Omega 6. It can be bought either in liquid form or as capsules that can be given on food.

Evening Primrose oil is one of the best supplements that can be given to dogs that have dry skin and coats. It is an excellent product to help with dry skin, a dull coat and ‘scurfy’ skin in dogs. It has also been claimed that it can help with the management and prevention of hot spots. It helps manage prostaglandin levels in the body, which means that it is a great oil to balance the hormones in dogs. As with many of the other oils that contain high levels of essential fatty acids, it is beneficial to dogs that have arthritic tendencies and is also good for heart health.

Evening Primrose oil is also said to help promote hair growth, and is very useful around molting time or when hair is lost for any other reason. For dogs with long coats, it will help maintain coat health which is essential in longer coated breeds.

Never give Evening Primrose oil to your dog if they are epileptic without consulting your vet first, as some research has highlighted a compound within the oil that may contribute to seizure activity.

As with any new supplement, if you unsure about giving it, or of the dosage, then talk to your vet before commencing it.


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