Daily Doggie Tips # 30

Canine Seasonal Disorder

Canine seasonal disorder is the name given to a mystery illness/poisoning that seems to happen at the same time every year in certain parts of the UK (mainly in parts of Nottinghamshire, East Anglia, Lincolnshire and Warwickshire but now it has been reported in many other areas too) After the dogs are walked in these areas, they are falling severely ill within hours and many of them don’t survive. The AHT are doing a lot of research into why this is happening and what causes it, but this is still on-going. I have attached a link that gives the signs and symptoms and what to look out for when walking in these areas.


The AHT is also asking people that have walked in areas where this ‘illness’ is known to fill in a questionnaire even if their dogs did not become sick. The areas and the questionnaire are in the following link:



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