Today’s blog is an introduction to ‘mentally stimulating your dog, and why’. Our new blogger is Alexis Robertson. Alexis is an associate member of the PDTI (Pet Dog Training Instructors) and passed with merit their Instructors Certificate. She also holds their Advanced Certificate with merit. She has a level 5 Diploma in canine behaviour and management with Harper Adams University, and is also a member of the KCAI (Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors). She has also gained an achievement certificate on Robert Alleynes Instructors Course.
Alexis is going to write other blogs for us in the near future, thank you Alexis and welcome……

Why mentally stimulate your dog and How?

We all know that we are supposed to walk our dogs, giving them physical stimulation, however mental stimulation is often overlooked. Mental stimulation actually tires a dog more than taking them for a run does. It comes in many forms, basic training, teaching tricks, playing games, scent/nosework, dog sports such as agility or rally and problem solving. The dog’s mind is a busy thing and enjoys learning! The added bonus to the dog is that they get quality interaction with you, the bonus to you is that you can do it inside when it’s raining and less time is required when you are busy.
The more interaction and training your dog is given by you, the more focus your dog will often offer you when out and about, giving your walks a more connected feel.
Many people take their dog to training classes to teach them the basics; this is great, but why stop there??
There are many other classes and activities you can join. Trick Training, Heelwork to Music, Rally Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Gundog Training, Fido Fitt and Nosework.

Go on……………..Enjoy your dog!!


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