Responsible Breeding

Responsible breeding …

We are all aware that the Malamute (and other similar) breeds are currently in crisis. Too many puppies born, not enough homes, many unwanted, not enough rescue places. Even puppies ending up in rescue when litters can not be sold.

With this in mind so much care needs to be taken when breeding .. several questions to ask yourself (also relevant to puppy buyers to work out if they are buying from a good breeder)

1.) Is my dog over 2 years of age?

2.) Is my dog pedigree and KC registered?

3.) Are there endorsements on the pedigree … these need to be lifted by the breeder, but if there aren’t any then I would suggest that your dog is not breeding quality. Your breeder will need to agree to lift the endorsements in order for you to register puppies – the possibility of this will have been discussed when you got your puppy

4.) Is your dog an excellent example of the breed with qualifications to prove this – show ring wins, working achievements, titles?

5.) Is it fully health tested and certified – not just a vet visit, but BVA hip scores, eye tests at a minimum?

6.) Does your dog have a fantastic temperament?

7.) Do you have a list of at least 12 definite homes?

8.) Do you have space to take back any puppies (age 12 weeks, 3 years, 12 years??) when their homes don’t work out, bear in mind that reurnees are often undersocialised and untrained and may well not get on with the rest of your dogs

9.) Do you have the knowledge to advise new owners on everything related to the breed?

10.) Have you got £3K in the bank to pay for C section and sick puppies if needed?


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