Daily Doggie Tip # 59

It’s not even 10am here in southern England and the temperature is already 29.7 degrees Celsius!! I thought that as it is going to be another boiling hot day, I would post another quick tip about keeping your dogs cool.

Don’t walk your dogs between 9am and 6pm, as this is the hottest part of the day. The only plus about weather as hot as this in September is that the mornings and evenings are much cooler even if the daytime temperature rockets.

Freeze bottles of water, then float the frozen bottle in your dog’s water bowl, helping to keep the water nice and cool.

Put wet towels on floor, your dog will like to lay on them to keep cool.
Have fun with your dog in a paddling pool or with the hose. Just ensure that their coats dry out fully afterwards otherwise you will be encouraging ‘hot spots’ to develop.

Freeze goodies such as carrots and bananas for a cool treat for your dog.

Most importantly of all, never ever leave your dog in the car in the heat, not even for 2 mins. It may be September, but as we are seeing, the temperatures are still very hot. Hot cars kill dogs.


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