Today’s blog is ‘Why train your dog?’. Our blogger is Alexis Robertson, and this is the second time she has kindly written for us.

Alexis is an associate member of the PDTI (Pet Dog Training Instructors) and passed with merit their Instructors Certificate. She also holds their Advanced Certificate with merit. She has a level 5 Diploma in canine behaviour and management with Harper Adams University, and is also a member of the KCAI (Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors). She has also gained an achievement certificate on Robert Alleynes Instructors Course.

Why Train Your Dog ???

Many of us get dogs because we want the company and affection that they give us. We enjoy taking them for walks and out with the family. We have a picture in our mind of a friendly well behaved dog that brings us nothing but joy and obeys our every word…….
However, often this is not what we end up with. Is our dog really naughty? Have we just got a ‘bad dog’?
The answer is basically…!
Every dog, no matter what breed or age, needs TRAINING.
They are not born knowing that we want them to walk nicely on a lead, come back when they are called or not to jump up. As with all of us, they need to learn the rules, in a kind and positive way right from the start when you get them home.
In today’s society it is not acceptable to allow your dog to run over to people, let them jump on people pester people in the park. The Dangerous Dogs Act does not just apply to specific breeds nor does it only apply to dogs that bite. It clearly states that a person just has to prove that they were in fear of your dog for action to be taken. In my opinion, this is not something that the dog can be blamed for……it is us the owners that must take responsibility for our dog’s actions. A well trained dog is often a well-loved dog by society.
So please, please……Train your puppy/dog to have manners, positively reinforce them for the right behaviours, this could save their life.

Thank You
Alexis Robertson


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