Malamute Matters Global Awareness – Turkey’s “Village Dogs”

Warning: Some images are distressing and may upset you. Please do not scroll through this post if you do not wish to view these images. Turkey’s “Village Dogs” KplRvTurkey has long been a country of striking cultural differences, and the treatment of Istanbul’s 100,000 stray dogs is no less shocking. Not just for the outright cruelty, but because of the contrast in the way these strays are treated… Continue reading

Malamute Matters Global Awareness – Sochi, Russia

Here at MM we are doing as much as we can to save dogs needing help, via Rescues and Fostering. This involves lots of fund raising.We also realise that there are always sadly 1000s of dogs around the world that are in need of our care and help. Whilst we always strive to help as much as possible, financial constraints mean that this is not always possible.

Realising this, we have decided to post a weekly write-up of what we consider to be some of the worst countries and cities to be doing very little to help and protect man’s best friend. By doing this we hope to bring some desperately needed attention to these dogs and hope that by spreading the word, things will change through education and awareness. We also hope that you will join our initiative and spread the word through social media of the plight of these dogs.

This week: Sochi and it’s “Biological Trash”

Credit: Ints Kalnins/Reuters

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