Meet the team series: Caryn Errington


Following on from our first ‘ meet the team’ article with Dawn Fido   we have had requests for more information on the people behind Malamute Matters.

This week it is our very own Caryn Errington

Caryn Errington

Caryn Errington

1 Position at MM : Trustee and Treasurer

2. Three things you would take with you on a desert island:  Sun cream, champaigne and a solar powered cooler

3.If you were not involved with MM what would you be doing instead? Sleeping

 4)What is the toughest part of your job?  Not having un-limited funds to help every dog

5) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? Going global

6) Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many? I have two Malamutes:  3 year old Neo and 2 year old Milly.


Neo and Milly

Neo and Milly


7) When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ?) I drag race a 700bhp Subaru   Impreza and track a 600 bhp Focus RS MK2

  8)What is the best part of your role at MM ? Being able to send money to those that   desperately need it and knowing that we make a difference 

 9) Favourite band? Nickelback   Favourite actor?  Jason Stratham  Favourite  tv show ? NCIS 

 10) Any human kids/grand kids ? None 




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