Malamute Matters meet the team series: Part 4

 Sally Elder


Sally Elder

Sally and husband James


Position at MM – Group Manager (which means overseeing the volunteers and dealing with any and all issues and reporting directly to the Trustees). Representing, arranging and taking part in fund raising events, both outside and online.

Three things I would take on a desert Island – my furbabies (couldn’t live without them), my hubby (need him to chase the bugs and spiders away) and my music.




If I wasn’t doing MM I would still be working in the rescue field. Rescuing furbabies and raising funds has played such a big part of my life. I had been working as a volunteer for rescue for eight years and then joined the MM fundraising group, and have to say I am proud to now be a team member of such a dedicated group.

What is the toughest part of your job ? The toughest part I would say is Education – we need to help and advise people without bringing in our personal views.

Everyone has their own opinion on matters, and it is our job to listen and if necessary educate. We are not here to tell people what they are doing is wrong or right, we want everyone to have fun with their own dogs.

We cannot answer questions on any medical or professional training issues. We can only advise, who are the best people to speak to, and in certain circumstances share our own personal experiences. It can get very heated and debated at times, but as long as the team and our members remember to have fun and share their pictures and experiences with us, it will be good.


Kia (brought to the UK from Turkey with the help of MM)

Where do you see MM in the next 2 years ? I see MM getting stronger and getting our name out there even more. We have fun events and competitions planned all year round. We have a good volunteer team and the amount of rescues we support has grown in the last 6 – 12mths alone.

Also the amount of emergency dogs we have helped has grown greatly too. Of course, it’s not only the great team we have it’s the great supportive members we have as well. We could not do this without them as well.

Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many? We have 4 Siberian Huskies and a Huskamoot, ( mostly rescue girls.)

  •  Willow who is our 13yrs young girl,
  • Shadow who is 7yrs,
  • Kia our tripod girl from Turkey is 4yrs
  • Amber our huskamoot is 2yrs and
  • Luna (loony toons and Minnie the minx clone) is 1yr old.



Huskamoot “Amber”


When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ?) During the day I work from home as an audio typist this is a very recent job I have started and I love it. Its means I get to be with the girls all day every day. When I am not working, we are either taking care of my elderly aunt and then we are at the beach, the park, or the lagoons. We have such an amazing variety of walks on our doorstep as we live in a little fishing five minutes from the beach.

What is the best part of your role at MM ? The best part is seeing the before and after pictures of dogs that have been helped by MM. It is seeing everyone pull together, every time it is needed, it really is amazing. If it wasn’t for the funding help that MM gave to the wonderful team that worked with Kia, we wouldn’t be blessed with her. Also the friends I have made, and the people we meet at our events and walks. Everyone and their furries are such a big part of our lives.



Willow (13 years young)


Favourite Band – Boyzone

Favourite Actor – Channing Tatum

Favourite TV Show – NCIS: Los Angeles

Any children ? No children just lots of nieces and nephews


Willow (left) and Shadow


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