Meet the Team Part 11


Nic Cotton


1. Role at MM? I help plan and run events in Scotland. I also organise our Scotland meet ups, where we can meet up with friends old and new at beautiful locations across the country for walks, chats and cakes ! I also provide the Friday quote and run our weekly bonus ball .

2. Three things you would take to a desert island with you ? Assuming all my family and dogs were with me….I’d take cheese, dark chocolate and crisps

3. If you weren’t doing MM what would you be doing instead? I would like to think I would be helping some sort of doggie charity in some way. I have always tried to do my bit for dogs in need


Nic took part in this year’s “Tough Mudder” to raise funds for MM

4. What is the toughest part of your job? That we can’t help every dog out there. Every single story breaks my heart.

5. Where do you see MM in the next 2 years ? Now that we have charity status things can only get bigger and better! Which can only mean raising more money and helping more dogs

6. Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed? Names ? How many? We have 2 Alaskan Malamutes , Ty is 4 years old and Teagan is 2 years old


7. When away from MM what do you do in your spare time? I like to keep fit and usually involve the dogs in this, either cani-crossing, backpacking or hill walking


8. What is the best part of your role at MM? Seeing the after pictures of the dogs we have helped, happy and healthy. Also the friends I have made through Malamute Matters

9. Fave actor (s) , band (s)and TV show (s) Michael Sheen (Damned United, Frost/Nixon and of course Twilight Very eclectic with my music taste ranging from AC/DC and The Who to Steps and One Direction lol ! TV shows….anything with vampires and supernatural I love…Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

10. Any human kids/grandkids ? Names ? Kids bleughhh no thanks lol…got a niece who I love to bits but I’ll stick with dogs thank you very much



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