Meet the team Part 12

Christine Emmitt

profile pic

1)  Position at MM ? Volunteer Fundraiser down south

2 What would I take on a desert island ? presumably the dog will be with me then its chocolate, coca-cola and my hubby, if I have to choose between Caesar and Phil, well….sorry Phil !!

3. If I wasn’t doing MM-  I would still be trying to help other dogs/animals, it’s just a case of fitting it all in while working 7 days a week at the moment


4. The toughest part of the job ? is not being able to have enough space and money to help and/or adopt all these rescues that need help, a bit of a cliche ..I know.

5. Where do you see MM in 2 years time ? – I believe in 2 years time MM is going to be right at the top of the game, especially if it keeps on growing in strength as it is at the moment, due to all the hard work put in by one and all.

6. Do you have dogs yourself ? Names ? We are owned by Caesar, who is an 8 year old Malamute x Collie who we adopted almost 5 years ago.

10621469_831935270172455_199454539_o7. What do you do in your spare time ? I only seem to have any spare time during the winter months when the tourist season has finished and then I spend a lot of time with Caesar catching up on the long countryside walks.

8. What is the best part of your role ? The best part is definitely seeing all the successes and progresses made when the fur babies have found their forever homes.

9. What is your favourite band ?  I have a very selection of music….anything from Status Quo or Alice Cooper to Don Williams.  Favourite actor ? haven’t really got a fav actor, there’s too many to choose from but love Sean Connerys voice (he’s not too bad to look at either), and favourite TV Show ? TV show at the moment is Casualty, Holby City and just getting into Grimm as I love all the supernatural and quirky stuff.

10. Any kids/Grand kids ?  I have 3 offspring, Andrew 32, Matthew 30 and Victoria 26, I also the proud?? Nan to Tyler who is almost 3




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