Arctic Expedition 2015

A few weeks can make all the difference as we found out first hand. In the space of 6 days we saw -40 to +37 last year as spring came into season. (Richard Horsfield)

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Malamute Matter’s Rescue co-ordinator Richard Horsfield is no stranger to cold climes and extreme conditions. He took part in an extreme expedition in 2014 with Joe “Malamute ” Henderson and lived to tell the tale. Apparently he enjoyed it so much that he’s off again this year to do the same…is he mad or just dedicated to helping raise awareness and much-needed funds for dog rescue ?

We will leave it up to you to make up your own minds…here’s what Richard had to say about his second extreme Arctic expedition.

1. When will you be going on your second extreme Arctic expedition? The end of March 2015.

2. What temps /weather conditions etc will you be experiencing? During my trip last year the temperature hit a low of -41C and that was in April so hopefully the couple of weeks difference make it colder! A few weeks can make all the difference as we found out first hand. In the space of 6 days we saw -40 to +37 last year as spring came into season.

Northern Lights

The amazing Northern Lights taken by Richard on his last expedition.

3. This is the second time you are going on expedition with Joe. What’s the motivation behind doing it again ? I had pretty much decided whilst on last years expedition that this was something I wanted to do again. When Joe asked if I was interested in going again in possibly more harsh conditions….. It was an obvious yes! I’ve always had a sense of adventure and love traveling.

Joe Henderson & Richard Horsfield

Joe Henderson & Richard Horsfield

4. Will u be doing exactly the same trek as last time? IF not what’s different about it this time..? No. The trek its self is not finalised but Joe mentioned it will be a lot different! Plus accounting for weather every trip should be different because you can’t predict what the conditions are going to be like. It will still be in the Brooks range though.

5. What preparations will you be undertaking this time …anything that is different from your first expedition? (incl clothes/footwear etc) I think I was well prepared last year so maybe no need to do anything different. I’ll be looking at new clothing etc but not sure I need much. A new hat is a must though!! I spoke to Joe loads before last years trip and read lost of winter travel articles so I had a fair bit of research. Obviously no amount of reading can prepare you for the actual experience but it gives you a good idea. I’m going to try to get some camping in before hand, try to get thoughts of comfy beds out of my head!


Richard on expedition in 2014

6. Who are you raising money for? I will be raising and splitting my sponsor money between 2 charities this year. Malamute Matters and Saints Sled Dog Rescue. (SSDR)  Both of which I volunteer for. With Malamute Matters I am one of two Rescue Coordinators – my role involves liaisoning  with many rescues, organising appeals for specific dogs, home checks, (for foster homes and forever homes) and the organising of  transport for dogs to either foster homes, kennels and /or their forever homes etc.

With SSDR I am an area coordinator  for Scotland and we currently (January 2015) have thirty five (35)  dogs available of which seven are in my area. Both are tough jobs but I really enjoy doing it. Knowing I’m part of a great team that helps dogs in need is the best part.

7. What three things will you take with you this time that you did not on your last expedition ? A bigger sharper knife!  Some medical type scissors and an air/sponge filled roll mat.

8. What are you most excited about? Just getting out into the middle of no where. No distractions, no mobile phones, no hassles. Its very liberating. Oh and I’m very excited to see the dogs again!

Luna and Richard on expedition 2014

Richard on last years expedition with one of the dogs Luna (Seal female

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Richard’s expedition to raise awareness and funds for Rescue dogs he can be contacted via email or twitter @muaythairulz  If you would like to donate to Richard’s expedition his paypal address is


Richard on expedition in 2014






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