Arctic Expedition 2015

Malamute Matters

At the beginning of 2014 Malamute Matters’ Rescue Co-Ordinator Richard Horsfield  took part in an expedition to Alaska with Joe ” Malamute ” Henderson. As a result of him stepping up in this way  he was able to raise much-needed funds for Malamute Matters and also to draw attention to the work we do to help man’s best friend.

In 2015 Tessa Oliveros together with her husband Johan Kielbaey  will be going on the expedition for 10 days starting on April 8th 2015.

Here is what Tessa had to say about her expedition and also the reason(s) why she and her husband are under taking such a difficult task.

Tessa and Johan with their Mals  Atkka and Aluk Tessa and Johan with their Mals Atkka and Igaluk

 What is the reason  Johan and you are doing the expedition?  Well, there are several reasons. This entire trip is a shared dream with my husband, Johan; I also want to give…

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me and joe


  1. What are the dates for your expedition? End of March 2015. No solid date confirmed as yet.
  2. Depending on when you are going, what temps /weather conditions etc will you be experiencing? During my trip this year the temperature hit a low of -41C and that was in April so hopefully the couple of weeks difference make it colder!
  3. This is your 2nd time for the expedition with Joe..What’s the motivation behind doing it a 2nd time? I had pretty much decided whilst on this years expedition that this was something I wanted to do again. When Joe asked if I was interested in going again in possibly more harsh conditions….. It was an obvious yes!
  4. Will u be doing exactly the same trek as last time? IF not what’s different about it this time..? The trek its self is not finalised but Joe mentioned it will be a lot different!
  1. What preparations will you be undertaking this time …anything that is different from your first expedition? (incl clothes/footwear etc) I think I was well prepared this year so maybe no need to do anything different. I’ll be looking at new clothing etc but not sure I need much. A new hat is a must though!!
  2. Who will you be raising money for? I will be raising and splitting my sponsor money between 2 charities this year. Malamute Matters and Saints Sled Dog Rescue. Both of whom I volunteer for.
  3. What are the 3 things that you will take with you this time that you should have the last time but didn’t? A bigger sharper knife! Some medical type scissors and an air/sponge filled roll mat.
  4. What are u most excited about? Just getting out into the middle of no where. No distractions, no hassles. Oh and I’m very excited to see the dogs again!


2014: A year in review and what’s next ?


 Currently there are 1000s of dogs around the world being killed and abused every hour of the day.

Since Malamute Matters started we have done our very best to change this awful situation.

However even compared to what we are used to 2014 was  one of THE busiest years for Malamute Matters. Sadly the number of dogs needing our help, not just in the UK but around the world increased. This was never more evident than when two of our sponsored rescues SSDR and SHARE closed their doors mid November to taking in any more dogs as they were up to capacity. This situation was dire, as it’s well known in the rescue world that December and post Christmas is “dumping season”

In the midst of all of this we were still able to raise an amazing  GBP 41,000 through a combination of auctions, photo comps, stalls at shows, donations and our on line shop.

That said you are probably wondering what is left then for us to do ?

Well we would love to tell you ‘nothing’ but sadly due the continued aweful cases of dog abuse and rescue globally we are continuing on.

Here then in their own words are our Trustees, rescue coordinators and social media/blog coordinator’s view on   what they are most proud of about MM in 2014 and where they us heading in 2015.

First up MM’s founder and Chairperson Dawn Fido

Two things really stick out from 2014, the first is the whole malamute community, pulling together and helping to rescue the 40 Northern Ireland Dogs.MM are still supporting a couple of these babies who are still awaiting their furever home at Benvardin Kennels. But getting them safe, getting money in for their care and food was a big challenge and one I am proud to say we stepped up to.

The second thing of course is the approval of Charity Status, later in the year, this was a very proud moment for team mm, we have worked so hard for it, and the further good we can now do because of it will make all the difference. Here we come 2015….. Theres no stopping us now.


Dawn and her two Malamutes Diva and Nookie

Caryn Errington  Treasurer  Trustee

I think the thing that stands out most for me in 2014 was the amount of effort put in by our vols to raise much needed funds for MM so that we can continue to help dogs.  Our totals raised for 2014 was an amazing GBP 41,000. In my position as Treasurer and Trustee I see many cases of dogs needing our help every single day, and it’s heartbreaking for us to keep saying “no” on many . occassions However even though 2014 saw us raise a record amount of monies we still were unable to help every dog that needed it.

2015 has seen us hit the ground running with already three cases of severe abuse (Alfie in Portugal, Woody in the USA and Clifford in Co Cork Ireland) and we have sent much-needed funds to assist with these three dogs medical costs.  For 2015 I would like to see us continue on this path..and  improve on what we have already achieved. We have an extremely dedicated team of Vols who spend many hours behind the scenes working to see that we continue to help as many dogs as possible. For this I can only see 2015 be yet another stand out year. 


Caryn & Milly

Sally Elder: Trustee, Company Secretary and Admin.

MM has achieved so much this year and it’s all because of the MM teamwork and support we receive from our members. We could not achieve such fantastic goals without the support of all our members. We support each other and the MM team are dedicated to helping all dogs where it matters.

2015 can only bring bigger and better things. The rescue situation is getting worse and more and more dogs are finding their way into rescues through no fault of their own. MM will be there to do what it can where it can and with a team dedicated to them and their future it will be onwards and upwards. There are some exciting projects already underway this year by the team and we look forward to watching their progress.  


At home with Sally 🙂

Joanne Anderson Trustee Fundraising and Admin

I am proud to be part of the amazing team of people who make up MM. I started helping run auctions at the beginning of 2014 and soon discovered that I quite a talent on the auction front. I became the Auction Manager in late spring 2014. In total the Auctions we ran in 2014 raised a whopping total of £16,885. I also took part in a sponsored walk with another volunteer in May last year. Walking round the island I live on together we raised a total of £600. I also helped run an online Partylite even which raised £50.

In 2015 I see MM going from strength to strength raising even more money for the dogs in our sponsored rescues and also dogs that are in dire need of emergency vet care not just in the UK but also globally.

Joanne and dogs

Joanne with Khalese (left) and Chakotay.

Richard Horsfield Rescue Co-Ordinator and Admin

I am most proud just to be a part of the team. I don’t think i could just say or single out one thing we have done as we have done so many. The money we have raised this last year is amazing with all of it going to dogs in desperate need. It takes a big team to do this and I must say we have a great team.

With regards to 2015:  It’s a cliché to say “bigger and better”  but it’s also true. We can only grow from where we are currently. Hopefully taking on more volunteers and raising even more money for dogs in need. If we achieve that then we can continue our close work with the ever desperate UK sled dog rescue scene. I am also really looking forward to  my second extreme Arctic expedition with Joe “Malamute ” Henderson as a way of raising more funds and awareness for Rescue Dogs.

  • Hill climb

    Richard and Khaos

     Rosalie Guru  Social Media/Blog Co-Ordinator and Admin

 I have the pleasure of working with both arms of MM: Rescue and Fundraising. We had an amazing year at MM.  The stands outs for me include us achieving our Charity status,  our nomination by Pet Plan for Animal Charity of the year , our involvement in  the ALS Ice bucket challenge and the amazing effort to raise much-needed funds via Auctions, events and extreme Arctic expeditions. And of course all the many dogs that we have helped via funding their medical treatments and finding their forever homes. And last but not the least the hard work put in by our Admin team. ( Sharon, Lynne, Julie, Sarah, Samson, Tracey, Carole) 

For 2015  I see Malamute Matters reaching out to even more dogs and helping ease their
suffering. As a registered UK charity we are now more than ever poised to help to save even more Rescue dogs than before.  

Further I see us striving to educate and support more dog owners  through our groups on Facebook and all other social media platforms that we are a part of. Our main group and page on Facebook I’m proud to say boasts an amazing and diverse group of people including  everyone from  trainers, well-known authors,  many respected members of the Rescue community and also our dedicated members of the general public;  we value our members’ incredible generosity in donating money and also for sharing their gorgeous pics of their dogs to keep us smiling during the hard gruesome times when we are faced  with shocking cases of animal neglect and abuse.  


Rosalie and Prince

Jaimie Buchannan Rescue co-ordinator

It has been a bumper year for MM, with even more money raised – over [60,000], an incredible amount which has gone to helping dogs desperately in need.  This has also meant we’ve been able to help even more dogs than the previous year!  I think about each and every one of the dogs we have helped rescue from dire situations, homelessness, PTS risk, or from Gumtree or Preloved ‘free to a good home’ most days, so they really signify our achievements to me.

We won competitions through member votes, which enabled us to raise more money through our store, we ran auctions (planned and impromptu) and everyone really pulled together and magnanimously donated to make them a huge success – I am always stunned by people’s kindness and generosity when it comes to helping a dog in need.  We have established a wonderful community, which provides a support network for dog owners, as well as supporting and fundraising for dog rescue.  I am very proud of the collective effort of MM’s members, the trustees and the admin team, without which we could not have made 2014 such a brilliant year!

The number of dogs we help keeps going up, and we working to do more, so 2015 brings a new challenge to break all previous records!  We are always pushing the envelope to expand our reach and the amount of dogs we can help, so this year is effectively a new chance to make something wonderful happen through our dedicated community.


One of our Christmas rescue dogs, who will be looking for a home soon” –