me and joe


  1. What are the dates for your expedition? End of March 2015. No solid date confirmed as yet.
  2. Depending on when you are going, what temps /weather conditions etc will you be experiencing? During my trip this year the temperature hit a low of -41C and that was in April so hopefully the couple of weeks difference make it colder!
  3. This is your 2nd time for the expedition with Joe..What’s the motivation behind doing it a 2nd time? I had pretty much decided whilst on this years expedition that this was something I wanted to do again. When Joe asked if I was interested in going again in possibly more harsh conditions….. It was an obvious yes!
  4. Will u be doing exactly the same trek as last time? IF not what’s different about it this time..? The trek its self is not finalised but Joe mentioned it will be a lot different!
  1. What preparations will you be undertaking this time …anything that is different from your first expedition? (incl clothes/footwear etc) I think I was well prepared this year so maybe no need to do anything different. I’ll be looking at new clothing etc but not sure I need much. A new hat is a must though!!
  2. Who will you be raising money for? I will be raising and splitting my sponsor money between 2 charities this year. Malamute Matters and Saints Sled Dog Rescue. Both of whom I volunteer for.
  3. What are the 3 things that you will take with you this time that you should have the last time but didn’t? A bigger sharper knife! Some medical type scissors and an air/sponge filled roll mat.
  4. What are u most excited about? Just getting out into the middle of no where. No distractions, no hassles. Oh and I’m very excited to see the dogs again!



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