Arctic Expedition 2015

Malamute Matters

At the beginning of 2014 Malamute Matters’ Rescue Co-Ordinator Richard Horsfield  took part in an expedition to Alaska with Joe ” Malamute ” Henderson. As a result of him stepping up in this way  he was able to raise much-needed funds for Malamute Matters and also to draw attention to the work we do to help man’s best friend.

In 2015 Tessa Oliveros together with her husband Johan Kielbaey  will be going on the expedition for 10 days starting on April 8th 2015.

Here is what Tessa had to say about her expedition and also the reason(s) why she and her husband are under taking such a difficult task.

Tessa and Johan with their Mals  Atkka and Aluk Tessa and Johan with their Mals Atkka and Igaluk

 What is the reason  Johan and you are doing the expedition?  Well, there are several reasons. This entire trip is a shared dream with my husband, Johan; I also want to give…

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