Bren Haze: Malamutes Guitars and Rescue

” I stumbled on an advert where a lady had a 5 year old Malamute and was moving and asked if anyone could “collect her dog” as the “dog” was a lot of work.. I was gob-smacked and sad at how cold the advert was; like she was giving away and old pair of old boots. It was heartbreaking. “

Meet Bren Haze!

Owner of 14 guitars, an Alaskan Malamute and ardent supporter of Malamute Matters

Which  came first : Malamutes Guitars or Rescue ?

Guitars first as I picked up the guitar by chance in my late teens after drumming; but I’ve always had a love and fascination with Malamutes and once I met my first Malamute, I was smitten. I will never forget that moment.


Brens Nushka Tattoo

Bren’s tattoo of Nushka

For those not familiar with your music how would you describe your music ? 

Ooow that’s a tricky question. I love old school rock and love acoustic songs so it blends together.
I’ve been described as James Taylor/ meets Aerosmith & Slash / Ritchie Sambora (Bon Jovi’s guitarist) mixed with acoustic.
I play two guitars live in each song so it adds another dimension to the music visually.

How long have you been playing and performing ?
I bought an old guitar for £60 in my late teens which only had 5 strings (I didn’t know how to play/re string back then), and taught myself on each string twiddling and never looked back . Joined/formed various bands as a guitarist and started this new solo venture upon my return to the UK.

What song of yours are you most proud of ?

Oooooow that’s another tough one . Hmmm, cliché but it maybe one of the new ones I’m recording March maybe “Distant Lights” or “Something New” possibly.
However, I love playing “Faith” live as the solo soars and it’s a good blend of everything and when the acoustic guitar suddenly comes in at the end I get goosebumps 


Bren Studio Pic

What are you listening to lately ?

I’m a big fan of a band called “Train” (‘Drops Of Jupiter’) and I am loving “Slash’s” last two albums. I’m old school so love Aerosmith etc.

My often friends laugh that I am stuck in a time bubble and laugh when I say “I’ve heard of Ed Sheeran but not heard him yet” or other HUGE artists  hehe 

What’s your fave album by another artist ?

Tough question! I couldn’t nail it down to one. Way to many influences, probably one by Aerosmith, AC/DC, Train or Led Zeppelin.

You are heading into the studio shortly for a new album must be exciting for you. Is the new album going to be similar to your previous releases ?

Most artists give the same old response “My next album is better than the last blah blah blah” just like washing up adverts!! Zzzzz

Well my answer is easy   I only cut 8 tracks last time and 4 songs on the album were bonus’s that were never released from 2010 so firstly; this new album is my chance to carry on recording the songs I didn’t get a chance to lay down and new ones I’ve written since.
The reason it will be ‘special’ is because I am also going to include 8 songs from “Set Free” and 3 from “The Colours sessions” on top of the new songs! so that people can have 1 CD with everything  wahoooow given that the “Set Free” CD’s sold out and “Colours” was never available on CD.  It’s going to be called “Step Out Of The Haze” which was the very first song I wrote.

Nushka Colour


Tell us about your dog. 

Ah yes, Nushka  she is a ‘Chayo’ Alaskan Malamute. (Chayo Stargazer) 

She has a million names and answers to them all hehe.  Nushka has been my rock for 11 years and travelled everywhere with me with her doggy passport, hotels in Germany to houses in Austria, France and around the UK now she is nice and settled tucked away in our barn in the West Midlands near Wales.
Still by my side, going strong and not acting or looking her age and silly as ever. 

Bren Nushka local mountain

Why Malamutes ?

They are like no other breed or dog I can think of. Characters, woo’s, Loyal, loving, hearts of gold and so content with the simple things in life. I don’t think people who have or that have met or owned a Malamute would really understand. I am sure many say that for most breeds but it’s just my opinion. 

Will we hear Nushka singing/wooing/howling on your new album ?

It’s funny you say that as one of the songs was part of an old idea I did a few years ago and when I dug it out the studio archives it had Nushka wooing a little on a solo hehe

Nushka Moutain

 How did you find out about Malamute Matters ?

Ah well I am always looking at Malamute websites / Rescue sites etc  and I spotted Malamute Matters. 

What drew you to helping Rescue ? (what is it that appeals to you ?)

Being honest I stumbled on an advert where a lady had 5-year-old Malamute and was moving and asked if anyone could “collect her dog” as the “dog” was a lot of work..
I was gobsmacked and sad at how cold the advert was; like she was giving away and old pair of old boots. It was heartbreaking. We all have our reasons and not for me to judge however it made me want to see if there was anyway of helping with awareness and draw people to read and maybe help other woofs like this poor Malamute.

For anyone wanting to own a Malamute what would you suggest to them before they get one?

I would suggest talking to other Malamute owners, meeting them, their dogs and researching what you are taking on. Lots of info online these days.
If after all that, you are still serious about a Malamute then I would suggest:
If it is not your first dog then you have more options, obviously rescue .
If however it is your first dog then I would research, contact and arrange to meet with a reputable breeder, and learn how to look after a malamute, not an advert out of a paper (these people are not good for the breed and simply puppy farmers).

Home Nushka Pic

What’s your fave thing to do to relax ?

I’m a bit of a recluse so I like to sit by the river with Nushka or take her to a beach and watch her play as the waves tickle her paws. Seeing her bounce up and down waging her tail as she trots along (as malamutes do) makes me happy 

Bren Nushka Austria


*This summer Bren starts playing live again if you would like to check out his dates click here.




Meet the Team




1 Position at Malamute Matters :  my pawsition at MM is to make people smile while raising money through donations

 2 Three things you would take with you on a desert island:  3 things i would take to a desert island is a huge walk in fridge, my dad who is a chef, and a BBQ.
3. If you weren’t busy with Malamute Matters what would you be doing ? if i wasnt doing mm i would probably be snoozing


 4. What is the toughest part of your job?  The toughest part of my job is stressing to people how much money we need to raise. Malamute Matters  is a charity raising much-needed funds for rescues who desperately need our help
 5.  Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? I see MM getting bigger better and stronger in the next 2 years.
 6. Do you have any brothers and sisters ?  I have one sister Tia, rescued by Saints and Sled Dog Rescue ( SSDR)  she is another Alaskan Malamute


7  When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? )  when away from mm, I’m usually eating and sleeping, but I’m always talking to people about our breed and how we need to raise funds for those dogs who are less fortunate

 8. What is the best part of your role at MM ? the best part of my role at mm is finding a way to bring funds in, sadly this happens better when one of the sad abuse cases happens, these pull at the heartstrings


9. Fave band, actor and tv show ?  my fave band is Snoop Doggy Dogg, my fave actor is Lassie and my fave t v show is paul o gradys love of dogs

 10. Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ? my humans are Tony my daddy, Anne-Marie my mummy and my hu bro Declan