1) Role: Memberships

2.Three things you would take with you on a desert Island ? All of my fur baby’s…and human ones My favorite book – ” The Book Thief”  and My pillow

3.If you weren’t doing MM what would you be doing instead?  Wishing I could be at malamute matters !!


4. What is the toughest part of your role ? Without a doubt seeing all the poor souls that come in , and just waiting and hoping for the news that there’s a place for them to go and be safe. I know we all say and believe it , but if I only had the space and money…they would all be mine .

5. ) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ?  In 2017, I see malamute matters taking over the world!! We will be a household name and getting recognized worldwide for the agonizing but super rewarding work we all do, and saving even more lives .

6. Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many?  I’m lucky to have 2 beautiful dogs in my life. Mr. Bones the Alaskan Malamute , we got him as a teeny bundle at 8 weeks old, he is now 2 and the absolute love of my life . He is such a gentle giant. And my little lady, cookie. She is 3 1/2 and is mostly Jack Russell we think. She came to us via my husbands work in the police. She was found at about 3/4 months old in a park, dirty, starved, and abandoned . She is my little fluffy princess. I also have 3 cats – Sassy (7) , Dinah (3) , Pickles (months)



7.When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? ) I’m super busy in my spare time running my tattoo studio, managing a husband , 2 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats ! It’s a full-time job just being at home 😀

8.What is the best part of your role at MM ? Feeling that amazing high when we get to see the happy end results of the stories and lives we follow. The team at malamute matters have been so welcoming, and I was made to feel part of the family straight away. I feel very proud to be associated with this amazing charity .


9. Fave band, actor and TV show ? Fave band – Placebo Fave actor – Peter Sellers Fave TV show – The Walking Dead

10. Any human kids ? I have 2 beautiful sons. Aiden who is 6, and Travis who is 9 months old . I am also a doggy  Aunty to Beau the chihuahua , and Daisy the French bulldog. I feel very blessed indeed !!


The “Malamute Mood,” or My Dog is Smarter Than I Am

Dogpaddling Through Life

Some days Rumpy and I go for walks and things go smoothly.

And then some days, Rumpy gets into one of his moods.

leprechaun Rumpy is a typical alpha Malamute, which is a nice way of saying he can be stubborn as a mule.

Take yesterday, for example.

We went for a walk on our new route. It’s a new route because a certain dog one day refused to walk the old route any longer.  Our new route takes us down the sidewalk beside a busy street. Why do we now walk this way? I don’t know, but it was either that or not walk at all (yes, he did refuse to walk unless we went “his” way).

Anyway, yesterday he decided that he wanted to take a detour through the parking lot of a building that’s for sale. We went, because I thought he was looking for a place to poop. Instead he maneuvered us…

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