Meet The Team: Holly Macleod

After our Summer hiatus, we are back with another in our “meet the team” series 🙂

So first cab of the rank is Holly Macleod


1) Position at MM: Admin, star rescue, store advertising and auction helper.

2) 3 things you would take with you on a desert Island: I would have to take My two dogs Narla and Storm and my third item would be my partner James

3)If you werent doing MM what would you be doing instead? Probably working my butt off at my regular job!!


4)What is the toughest part of your job? The toughest part would be seeing all of the dogs that need a home and not been able to take them all into my house!

5) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? I hope in two years MM would have all the funds it needs to help dogs world wide.

6) Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many? I have two alaskan Malamutes, Narla we have had since a puppy and Storm came into our lives a year ago after we rescued him. I also have a massive tank of tropical fish


7) When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? ) In my spare time i love going on dog walks and visiting my family

8)What is the best part of your role at MM ? The best part is seeing how much money we can raise at the end of the auctions (after weeks of stress trying to get donated items).

9) Fave band, actor and tv show ? Love my soaps – Emmerdale and corrie. My favourite actor at present is chris pratt and i don’t really have a favourite band (except McBusted) i do though love listening to Heart FM as i love a mixture or music old and new.


10) Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ? I only have furbabies im still too young for children (i prefer dogs).