Meat trade survivor Tuan Tuan needs a home…experienced owners only please !

Tuan Tuan is around 18 months old

Tuan Tuan wriggles and cuddles her way into your heart in record time. She really would make her new parents very proud and happy. She is amazingly intelligent and very very eager to please, food motivated and such a sweetheart.

She is dog reactive so will need someone committed to work with her on this, but as she is so clever and eager to please, work with her on this and you will be rewarded with a girl who just gives and gives.

She’s clean in the house, sleeps through the night and can be left for short periods during the day without causing destruction, she will just lie down and go to sleep.

She would love a home where she can get out and about, try her hiking, canny cross or have a go with a sled dog rig or scooter – she would love to work and can pull a little on her lead at first, but we’re working on this as with a few other commands that will help when out and about, she picks things up so quickly.

She’s not keen on other dogs, probably her history and for this reason we want a home on her own

As she’s a typical Malamute she must not be allowed off lead unless in a secure environment, Malamute’s have a big prey drive and she definitely has this trait. She would also not do well with cats, for this reason.

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