Amendments to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 – Valid from 1st October 2018

If your dog simply has an accidental mating and you sell any puppies this applies to you

Here’s the full Amendments to the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT 2006 incase anyone needed it all 🙈😁

From 1st OCTOBER 2018 onwards, anyone who breeds and sells three or more litters within any twelve-month period (Changed from 5 litters in some areas) –


anyone who breeds and sells dogs for commercial gain is classed as a business, and needs a license.

The changes to the law mean that a lot of dog breeders and people who may breed puppies to sell for commercial gain will now be classed as being in the business of breeding;

if they MAKE or INTEND to make a profit AND/OR

breed and sell three or more litters per year.

The first bullet point is the most important. If you breed just one litter and it makes a profit, and lets face it, most litters do. You will need a license. Even if it’s your “pet” or you see yourself as a “hobby breeder” if you make or intend to make a profit you will need a license. The only way to avoid it would to be keep a record of costs that showed you broke even and therefore made no profit. And even then, the accusation could be levied that you “intended” to make a profit and therefore the fact that you didn’t was unfortunate but not a bar to needing a license.

If you are unsure if you need a license, then contact your local authority licensing department to find out more, get a clear answer on whether or not you are deemed as being in business, and to learn about the licensing criteria and how to get the licence that you need. To find your local council’s website and contact details, you can use this useful “Find your local council” page.


If you plan to advertise online (such as Facebook for example) you will be bound by the law that is the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

This means you will need to include in your advert the following:

* Your Licence number

* Name of the local authority that issued you with the licence.

* A clear, recognisable photo of the specific dog you are selling.

* The age of the dog offered for sale.

* The dog’s country of origin and country of residence, which will generally (but not always) be the UK.

Any dog you keep or sell must have a record kept of it, a list of what you must keep in your record keeping is covered in the legislation.

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