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Meat trade survivor Tuan Tuan needs a home…experienced owners only please !

Tuan Tuan is around 18 months old

Tuan Tuan wriggles and cuddles her way into your heart in record time. She really would make her new parents very proud and happy. She is amazingly intelligent and very very eager to please, food motivated and such a sweetheart.

She is dog reactive so will need someone committed to work with her on this, but as she is so clever and eager to please, work with her on this and you will be rewarded with a girl who just gives and gives.

She’s clean in the house, sleeps through the night and can be left for short periods during the day without causing destruction, she will just lie down and go to sleep.

She would love a home where she can get out and about, try her hiking, canny cross or have a go with a sled dog rig or scooter – she would love to work and can pull a little on her lead at first, but we’re working on this as with a few other commands that will help when out and about, she picks things up so quickly.

She’s not keen on other dogs, probably her history and for this reason we want a home on her own

As she’s a typical Malamute she must not be allowed off lead unless in a secure environment, Malamute’s have a big prey drive and she definitely has this trait. She would also not do well with cats, for this reason.

Apply to Rushton Dog Rescue

Tuan, saved from the dog meat trade, needs your help – A plea from her foster mum, Dawn Fido

Tuan the doggie saved from the meat trade in China needs us.

Tuan needs your help!

We need your help!

Her rescue need your help

And a whole load of prayers please.

We’re begging 😞

I think I now know the reason Ziva sent Tuan to me. I’m supposed to be here for her through this, whatever this is. Tuan has a mammory tumour/mass, and is having the whole gland removed on Thursday, then sent off to find out what it is – (please please please NOT cancer! Please).

The surgery is around £650 including X-rays to see if what it is has spread, and sending the lump off to histology.

This is obviously a unexpected cost and worry to her rescue and we’ve pledged that we will help as much as we can.

Tuan is a lovely, beautiful girl…., and she needs us. Please help if you can, donate to ref: Tuan – every £1 helps – and don’t forget to pray, cross your paws or send her love x

Please be ok beautiful – your foster mummy loves you very much x

Please Help Us Help This Paralysed Dog


Please meet Gazzar, this gorgeous older gentleman was abandoned by his owner when he became paralysed! MM are just about to send over £100 for his care. But we would really like to send more?

Please if you can spare it, can you donate either direct or through us to REF Gazzar gsd

Please!!! Every £1 helps xxxxxx

Thank you ❤️🐾

Taun Taun, Saved from the dog meat trade – Written (and fostered) By Dawn Fido at Malamute Matters

Soooooooo this happened today 🙂

Please meet Taun Taun, my new foster baby. Fostering her for Rushton Dog Rescue, who Rescue Dogs from the meat trade in China.

Taun Taun was rescued in a complete accident of fate. Her rescuers were heading to rescue another dog from a slaughter house, and took the wrong turn. After a lot of pleading her owner agreed to give Taun Taun to Rescue, her companion however wasn’t as lucky, and they were unable to take him. Taun Taun was to be next in the pot that afternoon 😞

How can anyone harm this beautiful sweet girl!

Malamute Matters will be expanding its range of products dedicated to help fight this war, and will team up with Rushdon to help get this message out.

For now she will stay with me and Nanook for assessment, but so far, she is an absolute sweetheart, who for all her prior history, absolutely ADORES People.

Vacancy – Volunteer Manager


Volunteer Manager

We urgently require a volunteer manager to regularly liase and organise volunteer incentives, and report weekly to the Trustees.

To regularly update the events diary along with the Fundraising Trustee and to pin point where volunteers could be used more effectively.

To motivate, encourage and manage vollunteer workload.

Applicant must be highly motivated, passionate about helping Dogs, extremely organised and able to work under their own initiative.

To apply please contact

Thank you 🐾🐾

Please, can you help us?

Hello guys….

At the moment we’ve had to put a temporary hold on helping dogs – or if we do only sending a small amount.

Our funds are extremely low, something we are trying to resolve with new initiatives on our store or running raffles etc.

We need your help, not just do although they would be a life saver ‘literally’, we need to rebuild our volunteer pool back up. We had lots of people show interest before Xmas but only a couple sent their application forms back in. We really cannot do the scope of work mm is known for, Help the amount of dogs that need us, without a bigger support team.

We need more participation from the ‘quiet’ members, there’s over 8k members here, all dog lovers, please can you help?

Can you either

Share posts from our page?

Volunteer and give some time?

Donate to us? We are a uk registered charity, our history is unparalleled in what we do, we help all breeds ‘worldwide’ we help lots of rescues and we specialise in helping abused and seriously ill doggies.

Can you help us with our upcoming auction? We need as many donations of items as we can to make this a stella event.

Can you suggest fundraisers you would like to see/participate in?

Can you suggest anything that will help us?

Thank you for reading xxx

Dawn x

New! Malamute Matters Reward Points!!!

Important announcement….

We are so excited to share this news with you.

We have introducing a new Loyalty Scheme for anyone ordering in our store.

This is to say thank you for the huge support that has made our store such an important fundraising aid.

From now on every £1 spent in store will gain you 1 Paw Point. For every 100 points collected you will get £1 to redeem on your next order.

We will also give you 250 points for reviews on items you purchase from now on (subject to mm admin approval, these will then be added to your account, *one review per order number).

And finally we have introduced a Double Points incentive in our new Points Corner category on the web site were selected products can earn you double points for a limited time.

We’re really hoping you will love this and as you know, all proceeds made from the store go to Help rescue dogs….