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Meet The Team: Holly Macleod

After our Summer hiatus, we are back with another in our “meet the team” series 🙂

So first cab of the rank is Holly Macleod


1) Position at MM: Admin, star rescue, store advertising and auction helper.

2) 3 things you would take with you on a desert Island: I would have to take My two dogs Narla and Storm and my third item would be my partner James

3)If you werent doing MM what would you be doing instead? Probably working my butt off at my regular job!!


4)What is the toughest part of your job? The toughest part would be seeing all of the dogs that need a home and not been able to take them all into my house!

5) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? I hope in two years MM would have all the funds it needs to help dogs world wide.

6) Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many? I have two alaskan Malamutes, Narla we have had since a puppy and Storm came into our lives a year ago after we rescued him. I also have a massive tank of tropical fish


7) When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? ) In my spare time i love going on dog walks and visiting my family

8)What is the best part of your role at MM ? The best part is seeing how much money we can raise at the end of the auctions (after weeks of stress trying to get donated items).

9) Fave band, actor and tv show ? Love my soaps – Emmerdale and corrie. My favourite actor at present is chris pratt and i don’t really have a favourite band (except McBusted) i do though love listening to Heart FM as i love a mixture or music old and new.


10) Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ? I only have furbabies im still too young for children (i prefer dogs).

























On the 7th  of May we turn 3 years old. Yes we have come through the ‘terrible twos’ intact and we are still standing. Our 2nd year was an incredibly busy year sadly for us this means that we had to help more dogs in terrible situations. For our third birthday we are  bringing you a snap shot of the people behind MM. If you didnt already know we are 43 strong with alot of very hard work going on behind the scenes. So, some u may know some you will ‘meet ‘ for the first time…here they are…

 Dawn Fido Founder and Chair

 MM to me is a fulfilment of a lifelong dream to help dogs. To be able to react and give a little bit of aid to dogs in desperate need.To do something when so many do nothing.














 Joanne Anderson: fundraising Trustee

What MM Means to me. I rehomed my first Mal/GSD Chakotay 2 years ago on the 30th April. I joined MM then to get advice on how to bring him up as although I had researched the Mal Breed I wanted to get it right as I had wanted a Mal for over 20yrs. I know he isnt a full breed but at 14 weeks he was up for sale on Gumtree as he was already an unwanted pet. I found MM invaluable for all the questions I had on him and what was the best thing do to get it right with my baby boy. After a few months on the group I seen MM’s first auction since I joined the group and was really impressed with the funds that were being raised and what good MM were doing in helping all the dogs they could that were in desperate need.
I then decided to apply to become a volunteer to be part of this amazing team in Septemper 2013. From there I have made the most amazing friends who are like minded when it comes to their furbabies, Although I will admit we are all a little bit on the nutty side too lol.
For me MM has became a massive part of my life and being able to run auctions and help numerous furbabies is also very satisfying. MM means the world to me and I would be completely lost with out my MM family. To me MM is the most amazing group of people who pull together to do some amazing things when the dogs really need us, be it raising funds for some poor dog that has been abused, abandoned and left for dead.
I will be honest I would be completely lost if I didn’t have MM as I spend a massive part of time volunteering in whatever way I can to help these poor furbabies.
MM is one big, Happy Nutty family who pull out all the stops when it is needed to help in whatevery way we can. 

This is my little human Conaire with his 2 furbabies Chakotay and Khalese he is the next generation of MM he loves his dogs and is at his happiest on the beach having fun with them

 Caryn Errington Trustee and Treasurer

So what does malamute matters mean to me? Gives you faith that decent people still exist & help in raising money for those dogs that arent as fortunate to have these lovely people as huparents.  



Sally Elder Trustee

MM is extremely close to my heart as we are helping so many dogs. In this throwaway society it is heart warming ro have such a great team of vollunteers which enables us to help so many dogs in desperate situations. 



Rosalie Guru Social Media /Blog Co-ordinator 

Being owned by a Rescued Malamute myself MM to me means hope. There are sooo many dogs all around the world needing help…some just need food, some medical care others just need to be pulled out of violent and abusive situations. To be able to help any of these dogs money is needed along with people who care enough to set aside time in their day to step up and want to make a difference. With MM you have both these things. 


Rosalie and Prince

Richard Horsfield Rescue Co-ordinator

Malamute Matters has made a difference in a lot of dogs (and one cat’s) lives in the last 3 years. In most cases this has been the difference between life and death. Be it life saving treatment, removing from kill shelters or helping to re-home. Being a volunteer for Malamute Matters has seen me involved in lots of fundraising which took me to Alaska and got me my first foster dog via SSDR. I’ve had many ups and downs often questioning my own sanity but I wouldn’t change it for anything. The longer we are around and the more support we have will mean we can continue to make that difference to dogs of any breed. Because all dogs matter. 


Carol Atherton : Admin

What does MM mean to me? MM is like my comfy place to go to talk all things Malamute/Sled Dog/Rescue. I am very proud to be able to play a tiny part in the wonderful work MM do to raise money for rescue dogs (animals) in the UK and abroad and to raise awareness of the specialist needs the breeds have. I think MM has helped bridge the gap between the die hard Malamute enthusiast who works/shows/breeds and the fabulous ‘pet’ homes out there who might never have crossed paths before. It’s a great community who share ideas and genuinely care about making a difference. Happy Birthday Malamute Matters x



Tracy Giles : Admin

 MM was there for me in my darkest hours when i rescued my first malamute, when other group just made fun of me…. through the years i have made wonderful friends while continuing to learn about the complications of the breed….. MM is a way of life, when I’m not working then , i am looking for ways to raise funds for all the worthy dogs in need ….. Long live Malamute Matters… to the future for bigger and better things 

Tracy Giles4


Tracy Giles2

Julie Botterill :Admin 

What MM means to me …..

Malamute matters is a charity working hard. Hard working volunteers and hard working members, working to raise funds and awareness for dogs in rescue and dogs in need. Sharing experience, fun and sorrow and helping each other. Helping dogs find homes, helping difficult dogs keep their homes, helping owners see the funny side of eaten sofas and sharing the smiles at doggy birthdays. A group where friendships are formed. Keeps many of us busy, sometimes taking over the rest of our lives but seeing joyous updates, dogs in good health, in happy homes – makes it worthwhile.


Samson :  Admin 

Malamute Matters is like having a best friend, somewhere i can ask advice and get a honest reply, is always there for me, makes me laugh with the silly things thats posted and makes me cry at the plight of dogs in terrible need of a good home and tlc.



 Sharon Hind : Admin 

Malamute matters is special.. Special people, special dogs, special stories and specialists at helping.. Can anyone think of another fundraising charity that isn’t tied to one organisation.. That’s one of the things that makes MM special.. We are able to help a huge range of dogs, whatever the breed, because ALL DOGS MATTER.. The people behind MM are a special bunch. Passionate, driven and slightly unhinged sometimes haha. The commitment that they make to MM, while being parents, employees, and having their own lives make them a special breed of their own.. And I’m lucky to call them friends now.

Now the doggies.. I don’t even know where to start.. FIONN, Sapphire, Clifford and Alfie, the list goes on. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been in tears seeing the worst of what humans are capable of, but then I see the best.. The most special thing about MM is the way all the members, from all over the world, will suddenly pull together to save a dogs life, to stop the dogs pain and make sure that dog feels love and security.. Malamute matters will make sure every dog it can help will feel no more pain and will feel love and security and that’s why I am part of it and completely proud of it.. 



Sharon and Kai

sharonNatalie Blair: Memberships

Malamute matters has changed my life so much. Before I knew of it’s existence , I was just a dog owner . Now I feel so much more educated on all matters of owning and being owned by a dog, and the rescue aspect of it all of course. It’s such a strong support network…there’s nothing else like it. This charity has FACE ! which I think helps towards making it so epic! I feel so proud to be part of malamute matters and it holds a very special place in my heart. 2015 will be a HUGE year for us! 


Natalie and Mr Bones

Tessa Oliveros

 MM means hope, as dim as it might be in many cases, it is hope. It is hope not only for all those dogs and other animals that end up in rescue, but also for rescuers and volunteers working directly at the shelters.
It’s a really sad situation all around regarding the amount of animals at shelters, but they certainly deserve as much love as any other. No matter how big or small a contribution might be (whether it is financial to help buy food for dogs at the shelters, or pay the vet bills, or taking the dogs for a little walk once in a while), it helps to keep hope that things one day will change for the better. In the meantime, it helps easing up things a little. 

Tessa on expedition with Joe Henderson this year.

Nic Cotton

What does Malamute Matters mean to me? Animals and more specifically dogs have always held a special place in my heart, if you want to guarantee buckets of tears, just tell me a story about a dog and I’m a goner. I’ve always had dogs growing up and I was forever stealing dog food and putting it out for any local strays, or sometimes I would just wander about trying to find them to ‘rescue’ them. I was never strong enough (and I don’t think I ever will be) to physically help at rescue centres, I have the up most respect for these big hearted people who do so and I am constantly in awe of them; I don’t know how they do it.
So when Malamute Matters was launched I felt this was a perfect opportunity to do ‘my bit’ for dogs in need. As most people know MM first began as a social group, a place for owners of malamutes (and indeed any breed) to come together and share stories, problems and advice. We quickly realised through helping our first dog Alfie, that the power of social media was strong and we had the power to help so many more through this…..and so it began. I quickly became involved in a number of fundraising events, predominately running stalls at events up here in Scotland. I’m also quite a bit of a thrill seeker, so I loved raising money through my challenges.
I’ve met so many friends through MM and its funny to say that because I’ve never actually met 75% of them lol, but its true. I’ve never felt prouder than when MM became a recognised charity after a couple of years of hard work and dedication by a great team of people. I still cant bring myself to read quite a lot of the rescue stories as it affects me so much….but knowing that I am doing my bit to help is enough for me. So back to the question at hand….What does Malamute Matters mean to me?…..only one word needed….ALOT

NicChristine Emmitt 

MM epitomises the logo ‘All Dogs Matter’ with all the help, care and love that has been sent over the last 3 yrs, never have I seen an animal charity that is so devoted to what they do.



Ollie Dawson

It means the world and so much more…I don’t know what the rescue would would do with out a charity as strong and as powerful as we aim to be …….


Holly Macleod

What MM means to me. They give advice to the followers on fb and advertise all of the dogs that are currently in rescues around the world! But to me its mainly the money they raise for the dogs no matter what breed they are. I am happy to say to people that i help out with such a loving and caring charity!! So really in short as dogs mean the world to me then so does MM.

HOLLYLinz Davis

 MM means education about rescue to me. I have to admit when we got Kalika we did think about breeding with her. However, once we joined MM we found out more about how many end up in rescue and the fact that as much as we love her she isn’t right for breeding. So I guess MM means more knowledge about the breed and how to help the dogs less fortunate than our Kali – i



 Karen Malmummy 

I saw so many unwanted and abused dogs all over the Internet. I wanted to do something to help. I rescued and fostered but I only had so much room. Then I found MM, won some auctions and donated to them, love to hear the stories of dogs they have helped. I felt like I was making a difference and am very proud to have been taken on as a volunteer recently. 

Karen M

Karen’s gang


Lady Victoria Johnson

What does Malamute Matters mean to me? I am sitting here pondering what Malamute Matters means to me, to the people and dogs the organisation have helped, to the rescues that have benefitted. I find this a very difficult question to answer…to me Malamute Matters means hope, it means love and through the tireless efforts of the volunteers, trustees and supporters it shows that in world full of darkness there is light. To me Malamute Matters is a beacon to all in the animal world that a difference can be made through peoples collective strive to make the world we live in a better place.


Stephanie Boies

MM means to me: MM does wonderful things for the malamute world. And its not just mals they will help, they reach out to all sled dogs. I feel honored to be part of this team, to help MM become larger and help more sled dogs around the world. This is a very caring community. 

Stephanie BGinny Brown Rudd

What Malamute Matters means to me………… A few months back, Dawn gave an account of where all the Malamute Matters funds have gone. As I read the list, I remember thinking “Wow, so many puppers are being helped”. But then I also realized that, not only did the funds help the puppers directly, but also had an indirect affect on many others. I have loved watching the friendships grow in this on-line community and it makes me smile every time MM members get together somewhere to celebrate their mutual love of dogs. I feel like I have made some lovely friendships here as well. And best of all, it’s a wonderful place to chat with people who genuinely want to do what’s best for the dogs, without bias or agenda…..This is what Malamute Matters means to me….

GinnySarah Jane Toop

I’ve learnt so much about mals and made some really great friends from the group xx 


Sarah Macdonald

Sarah Mac

Sarah Ma


Sarah Macd









1) Role: Memberships

2.Three things you would take with you on a desert Island ? All of my fur baby’s…and human ones My favorite book – ” The Book Thief”  and My pillow

3.If you weren’t doing MM what would you be doing instead?  Wishing I could be at malamute matters !!


4. What is the toughest part of your role ? Without a doubt seeing all the poor souls that come in , and just waiting and hoping for the news that there’s a place for them to go and be safe. I know we all say and believe it , but if I only had the space and money…they would all be mine .

5. ) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ?  In 2017, I see malamute matters taking over the world!! We will be a household name and getting recognized worldwide for the agonizing but super rewarding work we all do, and saving even more lives .

6. Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many?  I’m lucky to have 2 beautiful dogs in my life. Mr. Bones the Alaskan Malamute , we got him as a teeny bundle at 8 weeks old, he is now 2 and the absolute love of my life . He is such a gentle giant. And my little lady, cookie. She is 3 1/2 and is mostly Jack Russell we think. She came to us via my husbands work in the police. She was found at about 3/4 months old in a park, dirty, starved, and abandoned . She is my little fluffy princess. I also have 3 cats – Sassy (7) , Dinah (3) , Pickles (months)



7.When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? ) I’m super busy in my spare time running my tattoo studio, managing a husband , 2 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats ! It’s a full-time job just being at home 😀

8.What is the best part of your role at MM ? Feeling that amazing high when we get to see the happy end results of the stories and lives we follow. The team at malamute matters have been so welcoming, and I was made to feel part of the family straight away. I feel very proud to be associated with this amazing charity .


9. Fave band, actor and TV show ? Fave band – Placebo Fave actor – Peter Sellers Fave TV show – The Walking Dead

10. Any human kids ? I have 2 beautiful sons. Aiden who is 6, and Travis who is 9 months old . I am also a doggy  Aunty to Beau the chihuahua , and Daisy the French bulldog. I feel very blessed indeed !!


Bren Haze: Malamutes Guitars and Rescue

” I stumbled on an advert where a lady had a 5 year old Malamute and was moving and asked if anyone could “collect her dog” as the “dog” was a lot of work.. I was gob-smacked and sad at how cold the advert was; like she was giving away and old pair of old boots. It was heartbreaking. “

Meet Bren Haze!

Owner of 14 guitars, an Alaskan Malamute and ardent supporter of Malamute Matters

Which  came first : Malamutes Guitars or Rescue ?

Guitars first as I picked up the guitar by chance in my late teens after drumming; but I’ve always had a love and fascination with Malamutes and once I met my first Malamute, I was smitten. I will never forget that moment.


Brens Nushka Tattoo

Bren’s tattoo of Nushka

For those not familiar with your music how would you describe your music ? 

Ooow that’s a tricky question. I love old school rock and love acoustic songs so it blends together.
I’ve been described as James Taylor/ meets Aerosmith & Slash / Ritchie Sambora (Bon Jovi’s guitarist) mixed with acoustic.
I play two guitars live in each song so it adds another dimension to the music visually.

How long have you been playing and performing ?
I bought an old guitar for £60 in my late teens which only had 5 strings (I didn’t know how to play/re string back then), and taught myself on each string twiddling and never looked back . Joined/formed various bands as a guitarist and started this new solo venture upon my return to the UK.

What song of yours are you most proud of ?

Oooooow that’s another tough one . Hmmm, cliché but it maybe one of the new ones I’m recording March maybe “Distant Lights” or “Something New” possibly.
However, I love playing “Faith” live as the solo soars and it’s a good blend of everything and when the acoustic guitar suddenly comes in at the end I get goosebumps 


Bren Studio Pic

What are you listening to lately ?

I’m a big fan of a band called “Train” (‘Drops Of Jupiter’) and I am loving “Slash’s” last two albums. I’m old school so love Aerosmith etc.

My often friends laugh that I am stuck in a time bubble and laugh when I say “I’ve heard of Ed Sheeran but not heard him yet” or other HUGE artists  hehe 

What’s your fave album by another artist ?

Tough question! I couldn’t nail it down to one. Way to many influences, probably one by Aerosmith, AC/DC, Train or Led Zeppelin.

You are heading into the studio shortly for a new album must be exciting for you. Is the new album going to be similar to your previous releases ?

Most artists give the same old response “My next album is better than the last blah blah blah” just like washing up adverts!! Zzzzz

Well my answer is easy   I only cut 8 tracks last time and 4 songs on the album were bonus’s that were never released from 2010 so firstly; this new album is my chance to carry on recording the songs I didn’t get a chance to lay down and new ones I’ve written since.
The reason it will be ‘special’ is because I am also going to include 8 songs from “Set Free” and 3 from “The Colours sessions” on top of the new songs! so that people can have 1 CD with everything  wahoooow given that the “Set Free” CD’s sold out and “Colours” was never available on CD.  It’s going to be called “Step Out Of The Haze” which was the very first song I wrote.

Nushka Colour


Tell us about your dog. 

Ah yes, Nushka  she is a ‘Chayo’ Alaskan Malamute. (Chayo Stargazer) 

She has a million names and answers to them all hehe.  Nushka has been my rock for 11 years and travelled everywhere with me with her doggy passport, hotels in Germany to houses in Austria, France and around the UK now she is nice and settled tucked away in our barn in the West Midlands near Wales.
Still by my side, going strong and not acting or looking her age and silly as ever. 

Bren Nushka local mountain

Why Malamutes ?

They are like no other breed or dog I can think of. Characters, woo’s, Loyal, loving, hearts of gold and so content with the simple things in life. I don’t think people who have or that have met or owned a Malamute would really understand. I am sure many say that for most breeds but it’s just my opinion. 

Will we hear Nushka singing/wooing/howling on your new album ?

It’s funny you say that as one of the songs was part of an old idea I did a few years ago and when I dug it out the studio archives it had Nushka wooing a little on a solo hehe

Nushka Moutain

 How did you find out about Malamute Matters ?

Ah well I am always looking at Malamute websites / Rescue sites etc  and I spotted Malamute Matters. 

What drew you to helping Rescue ? (what is it that appeals to you ?)

Being honest I stumbled on an advert where a lady had 5-year-old Malamute and was moving and asked if anyone could “collect her dog” as the “dog” was a lot of work..
I was gobsmacked and sad at how cold the advert was; like she was giving away and old pair of old boots. It was heartbreaking. We all have our reasons and not for me to judge however it made me want to see if there was anyway of helping with awareness and draw people to read and maybe help other woofs like this poor Malamute.

For anyone wanting to own a Malamute what would you suggest to them before they get one?

I would suggest talking to other Malamute owners, meeting them, their dogs and researching what you are taking on. Lots of info online these days.
If after all that, you are still serious about a Malamute then I would suggest:
If it is not your first dog then you have more options, obviously rescue .
If however it is your first dog then I would research, contact and arrange to meet with a reputable breeder, and learn how to look after a malamute, not an advert out of a paper (these people are not good for the breed and simply puppy farmers).

Home Nushka Pic

What’s your fave thing to do to relax ?

I’m a bit of a recluse so I like to sit by the river with Nushka or take her to a beach and watch her play as the waves tickle her paws. Seeing her bounce up and down waging her tail as she trots along (as malamutes do) makes me happy 

Bren Nushka Austria


*This summer Bren starts playing live again if you would like to check out his dates click here.




Meet the Team




1 Position at Malamute Matters :  my pawsition at MM is to make people smile while raising money through donations

 2 Three things you would take with you on a desert island:  3 things i would take to a desert island is a huge walk in fridge, my dad who is a chef, and a BBQ.
3. If you weren’t busy with Malamute Matters what would you be doing ? if i wasnt doing mm i would probably be snoozing


 4. What is the toughest part of your job?  The toughest part of my job is stressing to people how much money we need to raise. Malamute Matters  is a charity raising much-needed funds for rescues who desperately need our help
 5.  Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? I see MM getting bigger better and stronger in the next 2 years.
 6. Do you have any brothers and sisters ?  I have one sister Tia, rescued by Saints and Sled Dog Rescue ( SSDR)  she is another Alaskan Malamute


7  When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? )  when away from mm, I’m usually eating and sleeping, but I’m always talking to people about our breed and how we need to raise funds for those dogs who are less fortunate

 8. What is the best part of your role at MM ? the best part of my role at mm is finding a way to bring funds in, sadly this happens better when one of the sad abuse cases happens, these pull at the heartstrings


9. Fave band, actor and tv show ?  my fave band is Snoop Doggy Dogg, my fave actor is Lassie and my fave t v show is paul o gradys love of dogs

 10. Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ? my humans are Tony my daddy, Anne-Marie my mummy and my hu bro Declan


2014: A year in review and what’s next ?


 Currently there are 1000s of dogs around the world being killed and abused every hour of the day.

Since Malamute Matters started we have done our very best to change this awful situation.

However even compared to what we are used to 2014 was  one of THE busiest years for Malamute Matters. Sadly the number of dogs needing our help, not just in the UK but around the world increased. This was never more evident than when two of our sponsored rescues SSDR and SHARE closed their doors mid November to taking in any more dogs as they were up to capacity. This situation was dire, as it’s well known in the rescue world that December and post Christmas is “dumping season”

In the midst of all of this we were still able to raise an amazing  GBP 41,000 through a combination of auctions, photo comps, stalls at shows, donations and our on line shop.

That said you are probably wondering what is left then for us to do ?

Well we would love to tell you ‘nothing’ but sadly due the continued aweful cases of dog abuse and rescue globally we are continuing on.

Here then in their own words are our Trustees, rescue coordinators and social media/blog coordinator’s view on   what they are most proud of about MM in 2014 and where they us heading in 2015.

First up MM’s founder and Chairperson Dawn Fido

Two things really stick out from 2014, the first is the whole malamute community, pulling together and helping to rescue the 40 Northern Ireland Dogs.MM are still supporting a couple of these babies who are still awaiting their furever home at Benvardin Kennels. But getting them safe, getting money in for their care and food was a big challenge and one I am proud to say we stepped up to.

The second thing of course is the approval of Charity Status, later in the year, this was a very proud moment for team mm, we have worked so hard for it, and the further good we can now do because of it will make all the difference. Here we come 2015….. Theres no stopping us now.


Dawn and her two Malamutes Diva and Nookie

Caryn Errington  Treasurer  Trustee

I think the thing that stands out most for me in 2014 was the amount of effort put in by our vols to raise much needed funds for MM so that we can continue to help dogs.  Our totals raised for 2014 was an amazing GBP 41,000. In my position as Treasurer and Trustee I see many cases of dogs needing our help every single day, and it’s heartbreaking for us to keep saying “no” on many . occassions However even though 2014 saw us raise a record amount of monies we still were unable to help every dog that needed it.

2015 has seen us hit the ground running with already three cases of severe abuse (Alfie in Portugal, Woody in the USA and Clifford in Co Cork Ireland) and we have sent much-needed funds to assist with these three dogs medical costs.  For 2015 I would like to see us continue on this path..and  improve on what we have already achieved. We have an extremely dedicated team of Vols who spend many hours behind the scenes working to see that we continue to help as many dogs as possible. For this I can only see 2015 be yet another stand out year. 


Caryn & Milly

Sally Elder: Trustee, Company Secretary and Admin.

MM has achieved so much this year and it’s all because of the MM teamwork and support we receive from our members. We could not achieve such fantastic goals without the support of all our members. We support each other and the MM team are dedicated to helping all dogs where it matters.

2015 can only bring bigger and better things. The rescue situation is getting worse and more and more dogs are finding their way into rescues through no fault of their own. MM will be there to do what it can where it can and with a team dedicated to them and their future it will be onwards and upwards. There are some exciting projects already underway this year by the team and we look forward to watching their progress.  


At home with Sally 🙂

Joanne Anderson Trustee Fundraising and Admin

I am proud to be part of the amazing team of people who make up MM. I started helping run auctions at the beginning of 2014 and soon discovered that I quite a talent on the auction front. I became the Auction Manager in late spring 2014. In total the Auctions we ran in 2014 raised a whopping total of £16,885. I also took part in a sponsored walk with another volunteer in May last year. Walking round the island I live on together we raised a total of £600. I also helped run an online Partylite even which raised £50.

In 2015 I see MM going from strength to strength raising even more money for the dogs in our sponsored rescues and also dogs that are in dire need of emergency vet care not just in the UK but also globally.

Joanne and dogs

Joanne with Khalese (left) and Chakotay.

Richard Horsfield Rescue Co-Ordinator and Admin

I am most proud just to be a part of the team. I don’t think i could just say or single out one thing we have done as we have done so many. The money we have raised this last year is amazing with all of it going to dogs in desperate need. It takes a big team to do this and I must say we have a great team.

With regards to 2015:  It’s a cliché to say “bigger and better”  but it’s also true. We can only grow from where we are currently. Hopefully taking on more volunteers and raising even more money for dogs in need. If we achieve that then we can continue our close work with the ever desperate UK sled dog rescue scene. I am also really looking forward to  my second extreme Arctic expedition with Joe “Malamute ” Henderson as a way of raising more funds and awareness for Rescue Dogs.

  • Hill climb

    Richard and Khaos

     Rosalie Guru  Social Media/Blog Co-Ordinator and Admin

 I have the pleasure of working with both arms of MM: Rescue and Fundraising. We had an amazing year at MM.  The stands outs for me include us achieving our Charity status,  our nomination by Pet Plan for Animal Charity of the year , our involvement in  the ALS Ice bucket challenge and the amazing effort to raise much-needed funds via Auctions, events and extreme Arctic expeditions. And of course all the many dogs that we have helped via funding their medical treatments and finding their forever homes. And last but not the least the hard work put in by our Admin team. ( Sharon, Lynne, Julie, Sarah, Samson, Tracey, Carole) 

For 2015  I see Malamute Matters reaching out to even more dogs and helping ease their
suffering. As a registered UK charity we are now more than ever poised to help to save even more Rescue dogs than before.  

Further I see us striving to educate and support more dog owners  through our groups on Facebook and all other social media platforms that we are a part of. Our main group and page on Facebook I’m proud to say boasts an amazing and diverse group of people including  everyone from  trainers, well-known authors,  many respected members of the Rescue community and also our dedicated members of the general public;  we value our members’ incredible generosity in donating money and also for sharing their gorgeous pics of their dogs to keep us smiling during the hard gruesome times when we are faced  with shocking cases of animal neglect and abuse.  


Rosalie and Prince

Jaimie Buchannan Rescue co-ordinator

It has been a bumper year for MM, with even more money raised – over [60,000], an incredible amount which has gone to helping dogs desperately in need.  This has also meant we’ve been able to help even more dogs than the previous year!  I think about each and every one of the dogs we have helped rescue from dire situations, homelessness, PTS risk, or from Gumtree or Preloved ‘free to a good home’ most days, so they really signify our achievements to me.

We won competitions through member votes, which enabled us to raise more money through our store, we ran auctions (planned and impromptu) and everyone really pulled together and magnanimously donated to make them a huge success – I am always stunned by people’s kindness and generosity when it comes to helping a dog in need.  We have established a wonderful community, which provides a support network for dog owners, as well as supporting and fundraising for dog rescue.  I am very proud of the collective effort of MM’s members, the trustees and the admin team, without which we could not have made 2014 such a brilliant year!

The number of dogs we help keeps going up, and we working to do more, so 2015 brings a new challenge to break all previous records!  We are always pushing the envelope to expand our reach and the amount of dogs we can help, so this year is effectively a new chance to make something wonderful happen through our dedicated community.


One of our Christmas rescue dogs, who will be looking for a home soon” –



Arctic Expedition 2015

A few weeks can make all the difference as we found out first hand. In the space of 6 days we saw -40 to +37 last year as spring came into season. (Richard Horsfield)

OakleysSwitch to the improved posting experience

Malamute Matter’s Rescue co-ordinator Richard Horsfield is no stranger to cold climes and extreme conditions. He took part in an extreme expedition in 2014 with Joe “Malamute ” Henderson and lived to tell the tale. Apparently he enjoyed it so much that he’s off again this year to do the same…is he mad or just dedicated to helping raise awareness and much-needed funds for dog rescue ?

We will leave it up to you to make up your own minds…here’s what Richard had to say about his second extreme Arctic expedition.

1. When will you be going on your second extreme Arctic expedition? The end of March 2015.

2. What temps /weather conditions etc will you be experiencing? During my trip last year the temperature hit a low of -41C and that was in April so hopefully the couple of weeks difference make it colder! A few weeks can make all the difference as we found out first hand. In the space of 6 days we saw -40 to +37 last year as spring came into season.

Northern Lights

The amazing Northern Lights taken by Richard on his last expedition.

3. This is the second time you are going on expedition with Joe. What’s the motivation behind doing it again ? I had pretty much decided whilst on last years expedition that this was something I wanted to do again. When Joe asked if I was interested in going again in possibly more harsh conditions….. It was an obvious yes! I’ve always had a sense of adventure and love traveling.

Joe Henderson & Richard Horsfield

Joe Henderson & Richard Horsfield

4. Will u be doing exactly the same trek as last time? IF not what’s different about it this time..? No. The trek its self is not finalised but Joe mentioned it will be a lot different! Plus accounting for weather every trip should be different because you can’t predict what the conditions are going to be like. It will still be in the Brooks range though.

5. What preparations will you be undertaking this time …anything that is different from your first expedition? (incl clothes/footwear etc) I think I was well prepared last year so maybe no need to do anything different. I’ll be looking at new clothing etc but not sure I need much. A new hat is a must though!! I spoke to Joe loads before last years trip and read lost of winter travel articles so I had a fair bit of research. Obviously no amount of reading can prepare you for the actual experience but it gives you a good idea. I’m going to try to get some camping in before hand, try to get thoughts of comfy beds out of my head!


Richard on expedition in 2014

6. Who are you raising money for? I will be raising and splitting my sponsor money between 2 charities this year. Malamute Matters and Saints Sled Dog Rescue. (SSDR)  Both of which I volunteer for. With Malamute Matters I am one of two Rescue Coordinators – my role involves liaisoning  with many rescues, organising appeals for specific dogs, home checks, (for foster homes and forever homes) and the organising of  transport for dogs to either foster homes, kennels and /or their forever homes etc.

With SSDR I am an area coordinator  for Scotland and we currently (January 2015) have thirty five (35)  dogs available of which seven are in my area. Both are tough jobs but I really enjoy doing it. Knowing I’m part of a great team that helps dogs in need is the best part.

7. What three things will you take with you this time that you did not on your last expedition ? A bigger sharper knife!  Some medical type scissors and an air/sponge filled roll mat.

8. What are you most excited about? Just getting out into the middle of no where. No distractions, no mobile phones, no hassles. Its very liberating. Oh and I’m very excited to see the dogs again!

Luna and Richard on expedition 2014

Richard on last years expedition with one of the dogs Luna (Seal female

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Richard’s expedition to raise awareness and funds for Rescue dogs he can be contacted via email or twitter @muaythairulz  If you would like to donate to Richard’s expedition his paypal address is


Richard on expedition in 2014





Meet The Team




1) Position at MM: I’m one of the Admins on Malamute Matter’s main facebook group

2) Three things you would take with you on a desert Island : I’d need to have my phone (to order the pizza) and slippers, can’t live without my slippers lol and Ferrero Rocher chocolates

3) If you weren’t doing MM what would you be doing instead? housework haha. Never get enough time for housework with MM, that’s what I tell my husband anyway.


4)  What is the toughest part of your job?  It’s got to be seeing the tragic and upsetting cases we highlight.. Like FIONN.. It’s heartbreaking and I sometimes find it difficult to read the stories

5) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? I see us being a household name.. A go to organisation for help, advice and for promoting rescues..

6) Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many?I am owned by 1 malamute.. Kai.. He is my buddy, my therapist lol and completes my family



7) When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? )  I love spending time in my caravan but I can go on MM then too lol, just with nicer scenery around me.

8)What is the best part of your role at MM ? That’s easy.. The pictures and the stories all our members share.. I can be in hysterics laughing at some of the pics that pop up and the antics that our dogs get up to.. You can really get to know the characters and personalities and that helps when we are dotted all over the world.

9) Fave band ? My favourite band is The Killers.. Love them and I got to go see them play live in August with my brother.. The best birthday present ever..

Favourite actor? My favourite actor is Jason Statham.. Love the Transporter movies and they are the reason I drive a Black Audi..! Haha

TV show ? My fav tv show is NCIS LA.. LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.. Have all the seasons on box set and can watch them over and over again.. Fantastic show


10) Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ?  I have 3 little Darlings.. Drew who’s 17, and works for Scottish Rugby, Erin who’s 13.. And a complete tomboy. Loves her rugby, cars and lorries.. And Rhuiri who’s 10. He has autism and is my little unique star..






Meet The Team

Julie Noobie


1) Position at MM: Admin

2) 3 things you would take with you on a desert Island Wellies, sun cream and my kindle Prepared for all eventualities!!

3)If you weren’t doing MM what would you be doing instead? Getting into trouble elsewhere most likely! Busy at my day job as a teacher… I’m also involved in small animal rescue.


4)What is the toughest part of your job? Seeing all the mass-produced dogs by breeders who don’t care and then sell to people who don’t really know what they are taking on, leading to the crisis in rescue. I want to cry every time I see someone wanting to give up their dog.

5) Where do see MM in the next 2 years ? Bigger and better but most likely and sadly busier The number of dogs in need looks set to continue rising, however on the positive we have new members joining us every day. I’m looking forward to seeing the charity grow and evolve.


6) Do you have dogs yourself ? Breed ? Names ? How many?

Yes four – Rocky a 14-year-old Border Collie, now retired but in his time was a fabulous obedience, agility and flyball dog and an excellent lead in harness and patient trainer of sled dogs! Noobie – Malamute aged ten, my best friend and the dog behind my passion for sled dogs. An amazing multi titled working dog, gentle, calm and sociable. A Labrador in malamute skin. Dexter – six-year-old second-hand Labrador, yellow lunatic but always happy. Pixie my four-year old Norwich Terrier, thinks she is a malamute!

We also share our home with 5 cats, 5 guinea pigs, a rabbit, a hamster and a collection of fancy rats.

7) When away from MM what do u do in you spare time (if any ? )I breed and show Fancy rats – my most successful winners have been ironically ‘husky rats’. I also breed and show my Maine Coon cats. I show some of my dogs and work them in obedience, agility and KC rally. We also enjoy sled dog activities – racing, trekking, scootering, back packing and weight pull, plus the inevitable socializing!  Away from animals …… I eat (too much) and sleep (never enough!!)

10834137_10152423020466196_417589362_n8)What is the best part of your role at MM ? Knowing that sometimes people do listen and we can make a difference. There is nothing like the relief of alerting the group to a dog in a shelter and the rescue team managing to secure a place in rescue and save a life! I am passionate about training so I also love the opportunity to talk about dog training and behaviour with like-minded individuals!

9) Fave band, actor and tv show ? I don’t have a favourite band, I can never remember actors names and I usually fall asleep in the opening credits to TV shows

10) Any human kids/grand kids ? Names ? I have a little boy called Ben. He’s 19 months old and animal mad. His first words were wooooooo and meow!